International protection seekers

International protection seekers

  1. Stay
  2. Freedom of movement in the Republic of Croatia
  3. Ensuring the appropriate material conditions for reception
  4. Health care
  5. Primary and secondary schooling
  6. Information, legal counselling and legal aid
  7. Freedom of religion
  8. Work
  9. Documents
  1. Respect for the Constitution, laws and other regulations of the Republic of Croatia
  2. Cooperation with the Republic of Croatia’s State bodies and compliance with their acts and guidance
  3. Identity check and ascertainment
  4. Health check
  5. Respect for The House Rules of the Zagreb Asylum Seekers’ Reception Centre
  6. Registration with the Reception Centre within the prescribed time frame
  7. Reply to the Ministry of the Interior’s summons and cooperation during the international protection granting proceedings
  8. Stay on the territory of the Republic of Croatia during the international protection granting proceedings
  9. Reporting a temporary residence change to the Ministry within two days of the day of change
  10. Adherence to the Ministry’s guidance and acts on the limitation of free movement
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