Health care
– Emergency medical assistance, emergency medical transport, emergency dental assistance and necessary medical care according to doctor’s decision
– Indispensable treatment of diseases and serious mental disturbances
– Adequate health protection for the victims of psychological, physical and sexual violence
Antenatal classes available for pregnant women, as well as any medical assistance during and after delivery
In case of illness

– Contact your selected general medicine doctor at your health centre. If needed, the general medicine doctor will refer you to a specialist check. Primary health care services are provided by general medicine doctors, gynaecologists, paediatricians, dentists and health visitors from Health Centres.
– In case of emergency, serious injury or fracture, when your selected general medicine doctor's office is closed, you have to go to the emergency service of the closest hospital or call 112.
à For medical checks (with general medicine doctor, paediatrician, gynaecologist, dentist, specialist and etc.), you have to be able to show your stay permit or personal ID card issued by the police department, by which you can prove your status. Once you get employed, you will be issued a health insurance card that you have to show when visiting a medical care institution.

Emergency Dental Service
On-call Medical Centres
Special surgeries for the examination of patients with suspected coronavirus infection, “COVID-19 clinics“
Emergency Medical Assistance
Ambulance Transport
Croatian Mountain Rescue Service
Emergency Hospital Departments
Zagreb City Pharmacies
All-night Pharmacies
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