Foreigners under temporary protection are entitled to primary and secondary schooling, as well as retraining and upskilling, under the same conditions as Croatian citizens.
Displaced Ukrainian children and students who have been placed under temporary protection in accordance with the EU Temporary Protection Directive are afforded access to education in the learning institutions of the City of Zagreb.
A certificate by the Ministry of the Interior (MoI) confirming the status of children and students as persons under international and temporary protection is a prerequisite for their enrolment in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

  • The enrolment of children in kindergartens will be carried out by way of close cooperation between the City Office for Education, Sport and Youth and kindergarten principals 
    • Enrolment will be secured in the kindergarten nearest to the child’s place of temporary residence (priority will be given to kindergartens disposing of available places – an updated list of available kindergarten places can be found here)
  • Due to mandatory vaccination of kindergarten-attending children, unvaccinated children will be allowed to attend kindergarten as soon as the first vaccine is administered
  • The children of displaced persons can also enrol in private and religious kindergartens, in accordance with each kindergarten’s capacities and other options, whereby decisions on the waiving of fees are made by the founders of private and religious kindergartens

  • Upon obtaining the certificate from MoI, students will be enrolled in preparatory Croatian language courses without prior testing of their Croatian language skills
    • ​The City of Zagreb has designated checkpoint schools in which preparatory Croatian language classes are held 
  • Students will enrol in schools according to their enrolment areas (generally in schools closest to their place of residence), the school they are enrolled in not necessarily being the same school as that one in which they take preparatory Croatian language classes
  • Apart from participation in preparatory Croatian language classes, students will participate in educational activities in all subjects, according to their abilities and aptitudes
  • Students can take part in the school extended day programme
  • Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević Primary School (contact) carries out the education of Czech and Ukrainian minorities according to Model C, which involves teaching students from the City of Zagreb or Zagreb County the Czech and Ukrainian language and culture
    • Language and culture classes are held at the school on Saturday
    • Students can attend Czech and Ukrainian language and culture classes at Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević Primary School even if they are enrolled in another school

  • After having obtained the certificate from the MoI, students will be enrolled in preparatory Croatian language classes in one of the checkpoint schools
  • Secondary school enrolment is organised according to the existing educational programmes
    • If the programme in which a student was enrolled in Ukraine does not exist in any Zagreb school, the student is entitled to continue their education in the programme that mostly closely resembles it

For any additional information, contact the City Office for Education, Sport and Youth (contacts).
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